911 Information


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     Conway County 911 is just one player in our county's emergency response.  We serve as a liaison between fire, law enforcement, and medical
     responders.  We serve as the communication center of the county.  We provide emergency response to all citizens (20,000+) as
    well as to those passing through our county.


     Conway County 9-1-1 receives an average of 1,200 calls to 9-1-1 lines monthly and monitors all radio traffic of emergency responders.  The Center is
     also responsible for providing 9-1-1 addressing for approximately 850 miles of roadway within the county. 


     Conway County 9-1-1 is located within the Emergency Services Building on Division Street in Morrilton and is a 24/7 operation.  Two dispatchers are on
    duty at all times.  The center dispatches calls for:

-          Fire/first responders units: 12 rural county and 4 city fire departments--Morrilton, Plumerville, Menifee, Oppelo

-          Law enforcement:  Conway County Sheriff's Office and the Morrilton, Plumerville, Menifee, and Oppelo police departments

-          Medical:  ambulatory services (Med-tech EMS, AirEvac and Medflight)

-          Additional emergency responders:  Arkansas State Police, Conway County Office of Emergency Management, Conway County Coroner, UACCM Campus Police, Mounted Patrol, Search and Rescue, Arkansas Game and Fish


     When started? 

Conway County Ordinance 91-24 set the election to fund the implementation of the 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System.  Election was held October 8, 1991 and a 5% rate was established for landlines.  Rate was increased to 12% in an election held April 13, 1999.


     Conway County 9-1-1 is governed by an Intergovernmental Council consisting of:


Stewart Nelson, Mayor
City of Morrilton
PO Box 583
Morrilton, AR 72110
(501) 354-3484

Lee E. Smith, Mayor
City of Menifee
68 Mustang
Menifee, AR 72107

Cletus McCoy, Mayor
City of Oppelo
8 Municipal Dr
Oppelo, AR 72110

Ed Paladino, Mayor
City of Plumerville
303 W Main
Plumerville, AR 72127

Jimmy Hart, County Judge
Conway County Courthouse
117 S Moose
Morrilton, AR 72110



     Number of employees:  8 fulltime dispatchers, 6 part-time dispatchers (as needed), an addressing coordinator and the administrator.

     Training:  Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC), Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), CPR, on the job training & tier salary scale depending on
     training and experience.  New legislation has provided funds for training through 9-1-1 fees applied to wireless cell phones.  Training is provided by
     organizations such as APCO (Association of Public Safety Communications Officials) and NENA (the National Emergency Number Association) as well
     as vendors such as AT&T.

     Funding:   Just like school funding, the funding formula for 9-1-1 is neither equal nor adequate. 

     9-1-1 centers in locations where there is a heavy tax-base have excess funds while counties such as ours that have a higher poverty level receive less

     Level of service is dictated by two things:  economy and population. Many people are getting rid of landline phones and getting cell phones.  The
     Quorum Court approves our budget each year.  We prepare a budget each year using anticipated revenue; however we have no control over funding. 
     We receive the maximum of 12% landline revenues and 65 cents/month for wireless phones, including prepaid phone cards and voice over internet


     Our 2010 budget is approximately $350,000.  Of this:

-      70% = personnel costs

-      13% = telephone costs


     We received a break in the last legislative session when a bill was passed mandating that 9-1-1 fees also be collected from VoIP providers and
     prepaid phone vendors such as Tracphone and GoPhone.  So far, we have seen an increase in funding; however, it may eventually offset the decline in
     landline phone revenue.


     Mapping/Addressing:  Another service we provide is the assigning of 9-1-1 addresses.  The process usually takes a week or more so those needing
     addresses need to apply as soon as possible. 

     Addressing process - We measure footage on road and use a formula to figure address.  Floodplain manager will look at property and approve address
     with or without recommendations such as increasing height of foundation.  No fees are currently charged for this service.  We will not issue an
     address unless we can guarantee emergency responders can make it to the residence.

     We are in the process of addressing all gas well sites so that they could be quickly located during emergencies.

     Communication network:

     5 radio towers located at:      

     -      Carruthers Hill

     -      Springfield

     -      Lost Mountain/Center Ridge

     -      White Oak Mountain/Hector

     -      Petit Jean Mountain


     We have 2 consoles in dispatch with mapping capabilities as well as 1 extra 911 console for call taking only.  Dispatchers monitor 14 radios and
     answer three 9-1-1 lines, 3 administrative lines and 2 medical and fire dispatch lines.  ANI/ALI (number and location) is provided to dispatchers.

     Miscellaneous duties:  serve as jailers for the Morrilton Police Department, perform radio and siren testing, weekly Arkansas Nuclear One warning
     point drills, enter warrants, dispatch wreckers, issue burn permits, receive fine payments for City of Morrilton warrants


-      Technology    We simply can't keep up.  One piece of equipment just replaced at 911 Dispatch cost over $110,000.  Fortunately last session, legislation was passed to help with upgrades to equipment but funds are limited.  A couple of scenarios that we cannot handle are text messages and pictures sent by computer or cell phone.  CAD/Computer Aided Dispatch would allow us to receive calls for help sent by text message.

-      Signage    unable to locate citizens because of inadequate house numbers on mailboxes and in their yards.  Where possible, we are asking that green signs with white numbering are used so that emergency responders can quickly identify residences.

     Your worst day is our work day!

     Dispatchers are unrecognized first responders and are not as “glamorous” as firemen, policemen or medical responders but an important part of our
     emergency team in Conway County.

     Every day is a new day. We never know what emergency is on the end of the line.