Our Services

     The Conway County Office of Emergency Management is dedicated to serving the citizens and responding agencies in Conway County. The Conway
     County OEM provides a wide range of services before, during, and after a disaster. In addition, the Office of Emergency maintains the Emergency
     Operation Center (EOC) and Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). During an area-wide emergency, the EOC may be activated to provide resources to
     responders in the field.

     The Conway County OEM is tasked with preparing the citizens and agencies of Conway County for natural and man-made disasters.

     In cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Federal
     Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) we are able to provide numerous training opportunities and skill building courses at the local, state, and
     federal levels.

     The Conway County OEM assists the Sheriff's Department, Police Department, EMS, and Fire Departments when requested. Whether calling in
     additional help to suppress a fire, enacting mutual aid with other law enforcement agencies, or writing grants. The Conway County OEM plays an
     intricate role in everyday response activities.


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